Rilasciato: SMSPlus Project Wii

Console tribe news - Rilasciato: SMSPlus Project Wii

Ancora Eke-Eke ha rilasciato una nuova versione del famoso emulatore Sega Game Gear e Master System per Nintendo Wii.

Purtroppo l’emulatore ancora non supporta il caricamento dei salvataggi dallo slot frontale SD, ma supporta sia i 480p che il PALGB60, quindi i problemi video delle precedenti versioni dovrebbero scomparire.
Come per l’emulatore PC Engine Wii, anche qui ci sono i due file .elf, uno per il PALGB60 ed un altro per i 480p.

Ecco il changelog completo:

– fixed VDP init when loading savestate: fix graphics in games using TMS9918 mode
– added port $3E emulation and full SMS BIOS support (see user notes)
– implemented SMS1 VDP ?tilemap mirroring? bug: fix Y?s (J) status bar when running in SMS1 mode
– updated Z80 core to last version (fix some undocumented behaviour): fix Rambo 3 ?Game Over? screen & Robocop 3 ?pause? bug
– corrected PAL CPU clock value
– modified FM Unit detection: fix FM music in many japanese games
– added full overscan emulation: when enabled, aspect ratio is exactly like on original hardware, including borders (horizontal borders
are generally completely hidden under TV edges)
– corrected Game Gear VDP handlers in SMS mode: fix colors in GG-MS mode
– improved Codemasters Mapper emulation: fix Excellent Dizzy Collection & Ernie Els Golf
– added Korean Mapper emulation: fix Sangokushi III & Dodgeball King
– adjusted SMS color palette values (compared side by side with a real PAL SMS 2)
– fixed Hcounter table (thanks to FluBBa)

– added support for original video mode (240p/288p): this makes games looking exactly like on original hardware (including scanlines)
– added ?Aspect? option to switch between Original (correct aspect ratio with borders) and Fit Screen (full screen) display modes
– added ?Xshift? & ?Yshift? settings to let you adjust display area while keeping the original aspect ratio
– added ?Border? option to enable/disable borders color emulation
– added ?Palette? option to let you choose the Brightness level: RVB (darkest), Normal , Bright
– added Wii mode support (including front SD rom loading with LFN, TP reload, ?)
– added EURGB60 & PAL 50hz TV modes support
– added 480p (progressive) rendering mode support in Wii mode (not supported by the PAL60 version, use the other one !)

Download QUI.

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