XBLA: Questa settimana Omega Five e Tron!

Console tribe news - XBLA: Questa settimana Omega Five e Tron!

Come ogni mercoledì, Xbox Live Arcade si aggiorna, questa settimana con 2 nuovi titoli arcade: Omega Five e Tron.
Omega Five uno sparatutto in 3 dimensioni che sarà scaricabile al costo di 800 Microsoft Points, Tron invece un tie-in della pellicola Disney uscita nel 1982 che ci verrà a costare 400 Microsoft Points.
Eccovi, come di consueto, il comunicato ufficiale.

Ring in the New Year with ?Omega Five? and ?Tron?

on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday

Milan 7th January, 2007 – Fly through treacherous 3D environments with ?Omega Five,? a graphically explosive next-generation shooter firing its way onto Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360?. Also this week, Disney Interactive Studios and Backbone Entertainment bring back an arcade classic, ?Tron.? Both games will be available this Wednesday, 9th January, 2008 at 10:00 a.m CET.

Hardcore and casual gamers alike will love ?Omega Five,? a new high-definition shooter with awe-inspiring graphics. ?Omega Five? features a gorgeous and challenging environment, with enemies coming at players from all angles, even the background. Battle enemies as Ruby, Tempest or other unlockable characters and simply add another controller to play local co-op with a friend. ?Omega Five? features the highest quality visuals available on an Xbox LIVE Arcade shooter and offers multiple levels of difficulty including ?++Mode? where players are only allowed one hit.

Featuring the familiar gameplay from the original, players battle as the mighty warrior Tron against the insidious Master Control Program and his ruthless right-hand man, Sark. ?Tron? offers a four-part retro-futuristic test of skills, including racing light cycles, battling Sark?s tanks, fighting to enter the MCP cone and dodging grid bugs. ?Tron? offers both the original arcade game and an enhanced version with new graphics, improved sound and two-person multiplayer. It?s the perfect re-creation of the original game based on the pioneering computer animated Walt Disney Pictures? 1982 feature film, ?Tron.? Plus, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version is the first version of ?Tron? with two-person multi-player functionality of co-op and versus.

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  1. FluidStream on

    non so neanche chi giochi sono :lalala:

    Omega Five è uno sparatutto in 3D, però il gameplay è 2D a scorrimento verticale, ricorda molto da vicino il glorioso Forgotten world apparso su megadrive parecchio tempo fa, dai filmati che ho potuto vedere, previa demo probabilmente lo comprerò. Per Tron non so proprio che dire, ricordo una versione pc che era un tie-in del film ma non credo sia una rivisitazione dello stesso.


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