XBLA: ecco cosa bolle in pentola questo Mercoledì

Console tribe news - XBLA: ecco cosa bolle in pentola questo Mercoledì

Puntuale come un orologio svizzero, arriva l’aggiornamento settimanale della sezione Live Arcade. Questa volta ad ampliare il parco giochi della sezione Arcade, il 6 Febbraio arriva Poker Smash, un puzzle game, che sembra essere una via di mezzo tra il famoso Tetris ed un classico gioco di poker. Ad affiancarlo troviamo inoltre un aggiornamento gratuito del già presente Crystal Quest. Per saperne di più vi rimandiamo al comunicato che segue:

Puzzle with a Poker Twist ? ?Poker Smash? Launches on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday along with a Free Gameplay Update for ?Crystal Quest?

Milan 4th February, 2008 – Newcomer Void Star Creations, an Independent developer based in South Carolina, takes the puzzle game genre to a whole new level this Wednesday on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360? with ?Poker Smash,? an action packed puzzler with a poker twist. In ?Poker Smash,? players rush to clear rows of cards by arranging them into poker hands. To keep things interesting ?Poker Smash? offers card-blasting bombs and a super slow-motion trigger for players caught in a bind.

The game features over 30 minutes of original music set against stunning visuals, and contains seven unique game modes, including: action, timed, puzzle, practice, custom playlist, split screen head-to-head and multiplayer tournaments. Casual and hardcore gamers alike won?t want to miss this highly polished addition to Xbox LIVE.

For the Achievement junkies, ?Poker Smash? contains 12 Achievements with a total of 200 points, including: ?Score of the Gods,? which requires gamers to reach 1,000,000 points; ?The Thinker,? which requires gamers to unlock all puzzle groups; and ?Pack Rat,? which is awarded after gamers unlock all 11 in-game themes.

Additionally, the Xbox LIVE Arcade classic ?Crystal Quest? will receive a free gameplay update this week. Developer Stainless Games has added a fresh twist to the puzzle action by incorporating a score multiplier. This update will make the game slicker and faster than before and opens up the possibility of even higher scores.

The score multiplier increases every time gamers pick up a crystal, but failing to pick up a crystal or getting zapped negates the multiplier. To keep a level playing field, old Leaderboards will be retired after the update, but will still be viewable for posterity?s sake. The update also includes improvements to downloadable content, which is part of Stainless Games? ongoing commitment to constantly improve the player experience.

Where can I get ?Poker Smash? from?
Poker Smash: available for 800 MS Points from 10:00 a.m CET, Wednesday 6th February 2008
More information is available at http://www.xbox.com/games/livearcade.

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