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Console tribe news - Rivelata la data di uscita per You're in the movies

di: Antonio "Difio" Di Finizio

Pronti ad essere proiettati in un film? Se la risposta è no vi conviene prepararvi, perché è stato annunciato che You’re in the movies arriverà nei negozi europei il 28 novembre. Il gioco sfrutta le potenzialità della Live Vision di Xbox360 per proiettare la nostra immagine in delle sequenze cinematografiche e non in cui dovremo svolgere particolari mosse. E’ stato anche rivelato che il gioco sarà venduto in due versioni: la prima, il cui costo sarà di £29.99/?49.99, che conterrà il solo gioco mentre una seconda che costerà £44.99/?69.99 in cui sarà inclusa, oltre al gioco, una Live Vision per Xbox360. Di seguito, oltre al comunicato ufficiale, è riportato anche un filmato del gioco per far capire come esso funziona.


Plus, coming soon to a screen near you, Hollywood star Burt Reynolds advises players on the latest Xbox 360 TM blockbuster ?You?re in the Movies?

Be the star you?re destined to be with ?You?re in the Movies,? hitting European store shelves on 28th November. Premiering exclusively on Xbox 360 in time for Christmas, ?You?re in the Movies? is truly the first and only game of its kind.

With a recommended retail price of £29.99/?49.99, or £44.99/?69.99 bundled with an Xbox LIVE® Vision camera, ?You?re in the Movies? combines cool with kitsch as you live out your dreams of becoming a scream queen, zombie or kung fu master. The game transports players into a magical world of cinema and hilarious improvisations. Using the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, players? minigame actions can be captured and placed into short, riotous films that put the spotlight on the unique and often dubious acting talents of friends and family. Performances never end up on the cutting room floor and are never the same. With ?You?re in the Movies,? you?re about to be a star ? if only straight to DVD.

Up to four friends can bask in the spotlight and play starring roles. But rest assured, even watching from the sidelines is fun! A top-notch director guides actors through their roles with simple instructions and immediate feedback; in fact, the director even rates actors on their physical performance in minigames. This exciting scoring system will stop you A-listers from getting too lazy.

Or jump into Director Mode and produce your very own blockbuster. Lock yourself in the edit room and get to work filming the next big hit. Choose your music, add your own voice-over and re-edit to your heart?s content.

You can even share your cinematic creations on Xbox LIVE, sharing your masterpieces with friends, family and the entire world. Just think, that best actor award could be only a play away.

And Xbox 360 today revealed that screen legend Burt Reynolds will front a series of TV and magazine advertising spots for its unique new interactive title ?You?re in the Movies.? The commercials will feature Reynolds using his long and illustrious career as a part of the tinsel town A-list, starring in more than 90 feature films to date, to show would be leading men and women how to become stars by transforming their living rooms into Hollywood studios, capturing the attention and participation of family and friends.

Burt Reynolds said ?It?s great to be able to share some of my experience with everyone about what it takes to be a movie star. ?You?re in the Movies? on Xbox 360 allows everyone to have a piece of the action and have a fun time with their friends and family, staring in their own features, from the comfort of their own homes.?

The TV campaign breaks in major European markets this November.

?You?re in the Movies? is another great part of the Xbox 360 story as it continues to build on the universally captivating entertainment on offer, including the widely anticipated ?LIPS? and ?Scene It?® Box Office Smash? – as well as the great movies, music and community channels on Xbox LIVE.

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