Released: Wii Mode MP3 Player

Console tribe news - Released: Wii Mode MP3 Player

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emu_kidid ha rilasciato Wii Mode MP3 Player, un lettore MP3 che sfrutta la Twilight Hack e parte in Wii Mode via ELF Loader (per maggiori info vedere:…ha2-59600.html )

Wii Mode MP3 Player by emu_kidid.

Built using libogc cvs for wii mode via the zelda tp exploit.

These are instrutions on how to setup your SD card to have both this .elf and mp3’s on the same SD card.

1. Format your SD card.
2. Copy the file called padding to your SD card
3. Use dd or writeelf (for windows) to copy MP3PLAY.elf to (physical)sector 2048
4. On the SD card, create a DIR called MP3 in root and place all your .mp3’s in here (4096 is the limit of files allowed) and no subdirs allowed.
5. Run the exploit on zelda and enjoy.

Using MP3PLAY:
Press Left and right to find mp3’s, once you’ve found the mp3 you want, press A to play it, once playing, there’s instructions on how to go back/next song. Also press Y whilst browsing mp3’s to return to the exploit. (You may also swap sd cards at the menu of the mp3 player but only before going to the exploit)

(c) emu_kidid ’08

credits to Team Twiizers (tmbinc, segher, bushing) without whom this would’ve never been possible!

Non è necessaria nessuna modifica sulla console per eseguire il programma, serve invece il disco di Zelda TP e un SD Gecko (e la relativa scheda di memoria SD).