Released: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Wii

Console tribe news - Released: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Wii

Il famoso programmatore GC/Wii Emu_Kidid ha realizzato un porting dell’altrettanto famoso emulatore GBA per Nintendo Game Cube: Visual Boy Advance.
Non esiste un’interfaccia grafica, ma comunque dovrebbe essere utilizzabile.

Le caratteristiche del porting sono queste:

Caricamento delle ROM dall’SD Gecko (per ora)
Save/Load sempre dall’SD Gecko
Supporto PAD GC (per ora)

Quindi è ancora in stato embrionale ma dovrebbe emulare per bene le ROM.

Eccon il read me con le istruzioni per farlo funzionare:

Visual Boy Advance Version 1.7.2 Port to Wii

Please note, this is just a WIP build for testing. I’m not responsible for anyones
SD cards becoming corrupted/formatted/etc.

SD Gecko ROM loading (for now)
SD Gecko Native save/load support
Gamecube PAD support only (for now)
Up to 32mb (256MBIT) ROM support

– Place all ROMS on the SDCARD in /VBA/ROMS/
– Create a directory /VBA/SAVES/
– Place your BIOS.GBA in /VBA/BIOS/ (if you have one)
– Boot boot.elf with the tp loader (or whatever else).
– Once loaded, put the SDCARD into your SDGecko (SlotA) and press A.
– Load a ROM, enjoy.
– To access the ingame menu, press X+Y.
– For now, you’ll have to exit to the loader to load another ROM.
– To save your game, after saving in a game, go to the menu and then save.
– Saves are loaded automatically if they are found.

The source is provided but I’ve set the optimization level to -O0 so you can
compile it on dkPPC r14 (but it won’t be 100% speed).
To compile this properly, it was quite a mess, as I had to use dkPPC R13 to
compile GBA.cpp and then R14 for the rest.. I’ll try to sort out the issues, but for
now, the binary provided works fine.

Thanks to:
Forgotten for VBA (
shagkur/Wintermute for libOGC
bushing,segher,tmbinc for making wii homebrew possible
softdev for his GC port of VBA172

Download in allegato.
Buon divertimento.

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  1. TrueLion on

    ragazzi ma ci posso giocare anche hai giochi del game boy color?No perchè ho dei bellissimi giochi: Zelda Oracle of Ages e Zelda Oracle of Seasons, che sono per il gameboy color, posso metterli?!Ditemi di si vi prego:cry:


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