Released: Super Mario War 1.8 beta1 for XBOX1

Console tribe news - Released: Super Mario War 1.8 beta1 for XBOX1

E’ bello notare che, nonostante la Xbox1 sia stata quasi completamente abbandonata, vi sia ancora qualche coder che sviluppa, anche solo per puro divertimento, dei software homebrew. E’ il caso del team 72dpiforum, che ha recentemente rilasciato quello che può essere considerato uno dei più divertenti giochi homebrew mai pensati finora: Super Mario War, che oggi giunge alla versione 1.8 beta1.

Super Mario War è essenzialmente un titolo che, come progettazione, ricalca la battle mode del vecchissimo Super Mario 3 (per SNES, chi se lo ricorda? :D), ma aggiunge varie funzioni, modalità, powerups, nonchè la possibilità di divertirsi con un numero massimo di 4 giocatori (anche controllati dalla CPU). Eccovi alcuni screenshots:

E qui potete leggere alcune delle features che sono state aggiunte rispetto alla precedente versione (la 1.7 April Fools Edition):

– New world match type and world editor (prototype) with working screenshots
* Stages, paths, bridges, lots of the stuff from SMB3
* Item menu system with new types of multiplayer style items like change controls, score multipliers and stage resurection
* Moving stages in the form of hammer brothers and tanks
* Bonus houses to visit and a pipe minigame to play
* Doors/keys and warp pipes
* New pipe minigame
– Added suicide timer so players that sit still for too long will countdown and die
– New enemies: spiny, buzzy beetle, paragoomba and parakoopas to stomp
– New powerups: freeze wand, podobo, bomb, tanooki, leaf and pwings powerups
– New map hazards added: flame cannon, bullet bills, pirhana plants, fireball strings, and rotodiscs
– New map items: Springs, Spikes and Kuribo’s Shoe!
– New modes: Greed, Collection, Health and Phanto
– Added hidden blocks option to note blocks, powerup blocks, flip blocks
– Added ability to search map field for more than just a single character by typing multiple chars
– Added glide option to chicken in chicken mode (unlimited leaf powerup for player that is the chicken)
– Added new jail key item to jail mode
– Added exploding eggs option to Yoshi’s eggs mode
– Added center flag option to capture the flag mode
– Added 3 new map filters for item destroyable blocks, hidden blocks, and map hazards
– Added push only kills option to timed and frag modes (sumo mode)
– Added two new types of platform paths -> continuous path and ellipse path
– Updated straight paths to allow the path to be at any angle, not just vertical and horizontal
– Added team specific spawn areas
– Added new options to yoshi’s eggs mode to allow for 4 different colors of yoshis and eggs
– Added warp lock options – enterance only, exit only, both, whole connection, all warps
– Added kill credits for pushing other players into hazards
– Added mode specific extra time powerup for time limit and star modes
– Level editor can now specify where flag bases and race goals will start in a map
– Updated bonus wheel – only 10 bonuses are displayed and the player can choose when to stop the spinner
– Added 11 new tile types: Including right and left death tiles, ice solid on top, ice + death and super death tiles
– Added weapon destroyable blocks that can only be destroyed by that weapon – i.e. fireball breakable blocks, hammer breakable blocks, etc.
– Added fish, snow, leaves, rain and bubble eyecandy availalbe in 3 different layers
– Flipped over shells when hit with POW, MOd, spin attack or bounced from below
– Red and Gray throwable blocks (bounce and keep going when they hit a player/enemy)
– New spin move for tail and cape powerups
– Allow powerup weights to be specified in the map and added options to use weights from game, map or an average of both
– Added two alternate modes to jail “Owned” and “Free for All”. Named the 1.7 jail mode to “Classic”
– New animated tileset that gives you complete control over animated tiles in multiple layers
– New tail powerup that can spin attack and allow the player to float down slowly
– Added super stomp move to kuribo’s shoe and tanooki statue
– New “poof” gfx for transforming player into different forms
– Expanded tilesets – allows player to use any number of customized tileset inside the game (ships with SMB1, SMB2, SMB3 and SMWorld)
– New blue and orange note blocks
– Removed dependency on tileset.tls -> this file is now only used for default tile types assigned in the level editor
– Added ability to jump off of falling donut blocks
– Added mode settings to tours -> all mode settings are now settable using the tour file and old tour files are still supported (settings default to what they are set in the game mode menu)
– Added view blocks (from AFE), similar to powerup block except you can see what you’re going to get when you hit it
– And tons more stuff!

Per il download di questo homebrew, dovete accedere a Xbins. Se non sapete come fare, vi rimando a questo tutorial:…xbins-v20.html

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  1. fleuretty on

    Xbox1 sia stata quasi completamente abbandonata

    Dic ibene " QUASI ", XBMC è un progetto ancora pienamente supportato , con una release ogni 15 gg :dance2:


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