Released: Mupen64 GC alpha R200

Console tribe news - Released: Mupen64 GC alpha R200

di: Lck

Tehpola, Sepp256 e Emu_Kidid hanno rilasciato oggi una nuova versione del Mupen64. Con Mupen64 è possibile rigiocare le vecchie glorie del Nintendo 64 su Nintendo Wii e Nintendo Game Cube.

* Replaced GUI
+ Menu system
+ Menu file browser
* Replaced file handling system
+ Modular file read/writes
* Gameplay resumable after exiting to menu
+ Game reset option
* Multiple ROMs may be loaded without crashing/freezing
+ Fancy splash screen and credits
* Fixed software graphics support
+ Working audio (choppy)
+ Partial support for little-endian ROMs
+ Rumble pak support