Problemi con l’update? E’ la volta del firmware 2.42

Console tribe news - Problemi con l'update? E' la volta del firmware 2.42

Secondo quanto si legge su molti forum, l’ultimo aggiornamento crea problemi al lettore Blu ray ed alla connessione online. Rumors danno in release, a breve, un nuovo firmware 2.43 per fixare i problemi arrivati con l’ultimo update 2.42. Restiamo in attesa di una conferma ufficiale come è già avvenuto per l’updade 2.40.

Well this is totally Effed Up!!! My son decided that it would be a good idea to update the PS3 and he did 2 nights ago without me knowing it. Well now ANYTHING BLURAY does NOT play. NOTHING!!! Doesn?t even recognize the DAMN Disk!!! Is there anything I can do???

Installed this newest update and now nothing works, can not read disks at all. We have done the system restore, etc. now have to wait while it gets shipped to Sony to fix it. Very upsetting, fairly new PS3 (5 months) in excellent condition and was working perfectly prior to update. Extremely frustrating.

Yeah, downloaded it earlier and now I can?t stay connected to a single online game.

Downloaded the update and all my saves on cod 4 single player have gone and when I name my perks online as soon as I switch my PS3 off they disappear and have to name them again.

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  1. notteincubo on

    Io ho una 40gb e zero problemi.

    Cmq questo 2.42 è un aggiornamento abbastanza inutile, potrebbero evitare di rilasciare un firmware alla settimana(quasi) visto che poi a qualcuno causano anche problemi.

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