Overlord: Raising Hell demo disponibile

Console tribe news - Overlord: Raising Hell demo disponibile

IL 20 giugno è la data fissata per l’uscita di Overlord: Raising Hell per PS3. Codemasters ha rilasciato nella giornata di oggi una demo giocabile nell’area di Mellow Hills, temi e wallpapers. Il peso è di 857 Mb. Di seguito il comunicato stampa ufficiale.

Press Release
Become the biggest bad-ass in town as the despotic OverlordTM Raising Hell demo comes to the PLAYSTATION®3 system today.

Summon Sample Minions from PLAYSTATION®Network today ahead of full game launch on June 20th (Europe/PAL)

Thursday, 15th May ? Prepare to experience the brilliantly brutal Minion-on-sheep action of Overlord? Raising Hell in the playable demo, launching today for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. Taken from the forthcoming extended and extra evil edition of Triumph Studios? twisted fantasy blockbuster, the demo is set to be available ? along with Minion-infested wallpapers and themes ? from PLAYSTATION®Network later today.

In the demo, players don the Overlord?s illustrious armour and embark on a session of serious destruction in the once tranquil area of the Mellow Hills. As the delightfully despotic Overlord, players are supported by the Minions, a raucous horde of impish creatures. The Minions are more than willing to act as instructed, no matter how unpleasant that may be for the unsuspecting populace and, most notably, the local wildlife.

Players use their ever loyal and ever lethal Minions to gather life-force from the somewhat unwilling sheep in order to grow the size of the minion horde. Add to that upgrades for the Minions, including pumpkins as helmets, throw in some peasant intimidation and a show-down with the Guard Troll at the Slave Camp and that?s just as taste of the havoc that a minion horde can wreak.

In the full game, players will be able to amass armies of up to 50 minions and select from three further minion types to lead into battle as they explore and conquer the world?s five kingdoms. Overlord? Raising Hell also takes players deeper into the Overlord?s warped world with a series of additional hellish levels, each a supernatural abyss for the game?s domains.

With the addition of online co-operative pillaging, and split-screen head-to-head slaughter, the PLAYSTATION 3 system edition will also be enhanced with detailed visuals, a top-spec audio system with 7.1 surround sound and feature additions, such as the new on-screen mini-map. Prepare for a hellishly good time being bad with Overlord? Raising Hell, coming June 20th for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. For video and the latest minion-infested wallpapers, be sure to visit www.codemasters.com/overlordraisinghell

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  1. procton771 on

    io direi che tutto sommato è un gioco che fa la sua bella figura ,se pensiamo che su ps3 mancano di questi titoli per il momento ,meglio che niente ,comunque sarebbe più onesto da parte dei le conversioni dei giochi dovrebbero costare almeno 20 euro in meno perchè non è la stessa cosa di quando si programma un gioco dall'inizio ,sono sicuro che venderebbero molto di più.

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