Il Base Jumping arriva su GTA con The Ballad of Gay Tony

Console tribe news - Il Base Jumping arriva su GTA con The Ballad of Gay Tony

Rockstar ha annunciato che il famoso sport estremo, il base jumping, arriverà in Grand Theft Auto con la seconda espansione esclusiva a Xbox 360 The Ballad of Gay Tony. Sarà infatti possibile, sia nel single player che nella modalità Free del multiplayer cimentarsi in questa attività. A Liberty City saranno disponibili ben 9 postazioni da cui ci si potrà lanciare con il paracadute e, in caso di sfide multiplayer, verrà premiato il giocatore che farà i migliori salti.
I risultati verranno poi caricati all’interno del RockStar Social Club. Vi lasciamo al comunicato con tutti i dettagli in merito e ad un trailer che mostra tale modalità.

Multiplayer BASE Jumping in Liberty City

BASE (which stand for Building. Antenna. Span. Earth) jumping is one of the most fun side-activities available within The Ballad of Gay Tony. But in addition to the BASE jumping triathlons and BASE jump sites in the single-player game, multiplayer BASE jumping adds an added team-based aspect to Free Mode, and a whole new twist to sky diving in Liberty City.

How It Works

– Each player enters Free Mode with a parachute already in their inventory

– There are 9 BASE jump locations scattered across Liberty City during Free Mode only.

– To trigger a BASE jump, simply walk into a marker and press RB. This will warp you ? and anyone else with you – to the top of the building. That?s right – you can BASE jump in groups.

– If you don?t have a parachute, you?ll be provided with one when you reach the top, and it will be automatically selected.

– Once you and your friends are at the top of the building, you are free to move around and do what you please until you?re ready to leap.

– Once you?ve jumped, activate your chute in the same fashion as you would in the single-player game (press A).

– A BASE jump is only counted as successful if a player lands on the ground (not water) and does not crash or tumble on landing. Smacking into the side of the building will not count as a successful jump – neither will landing in a swimming pool, a vehicle or the sea.

BASE Jump Races, teamwork, stat tracking and The Rockstar Games Social Club

– The Rockstar Games Social Club will keep track of the time it takes you to complete each individual BASE jump, as well as the time it takes to complete all BASE jumps in succession. The clock starts as soon as you land your first BASE Jump, making solo jumps fun, but multiplayer jumps turn into a parachute-equipped co-operative race across the city to ensure each player posts the best possible time to the Social Club.

– Team up with friends to reduce the time between jump locations ? select your landing spot carefully, and have a friend waiting nearby with a high-speed bike to race to the next location. Or better yet, team up with a helicopter pilot and take turns to post the fastest times.

– As you land each jump, in addition to the time it took you to complete the jump, you will be given stats on the height from the ground at which you opened your parachute (in feet) and the length of time spent gliding (the total time between your parachute being fully opened and you landing on the ground). The aim is to try and wait ?til the last possible moment to open your ?chute for maximum thrills.

– Once all 9 jumps are completed you will be given your total time, which will be automatically sent to Social Club where you can compare your times against other players worldwide, along with your other GTA stats.

– Once all 9 BASE jumps have been completed, they are reset so you can try again to best your time.

Smoke Trails

– Once you make your leap, players can activate colored smoke trails to help you track your friends.

– Smoke is released from a pouch on your left ankle (it matches the color of your gamertag), and can be activated during freefall and also once the chute is open.

Other fun tips:

– Use the rotor blades of a heli to take out parachuting players. It?s tricky to do, but extremely satisfying when you get it right.

– Get two players on a superbike with a friend, find the biggest, highest jump you can, and hit it full speed. Jump off the bike in mid-air and parachute down.

– You can shoot and kill players using a parachute with normal weapons. You can?t shoot when using a parachute. So choose your team mates carefully.

– Every helicopter in The Ballad of Gay Tony comes equipped with a parachute, which will be automatically selected if you bail in mid-air.

See you in the skies October 29.

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    sì ma secondo me sono più "gestibili" le espansioni dei giochi.. nel senso che è più facile cedere un'esclusiva dlc che cedere un'esclusiva gioco.. non so se mi sono spiegato.. cmq se volessero basta paga, come ho detto prima.. per sempio anche di splinter cell conviction qualche giorno fa ho letto di un possibile approdo anche su ps3.. vedremo anche di questo che ne faranno.. tanto anno prossimo gta5 :rotfl:

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