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Questo mese le pagine di XBOX 360 magazine hanno svelato nuovi importanti dettagli delle modalità multiplayer di Gears of War 2. Nuove mappe, nuovi personaggi, nuove armi e nuove modalità online di un gioco che promette di essere un capolavoro assoluto.

-New weapon Scorcher (Flamethrower) “most realistic fire in a game we’ve ever seen”
-5 vs 5
-Assasination gametype altered. everyone respawns until their leader is dead. when the leader is killed they stop rewpawing and the game ends when everyone is dead on one team.
-Assasination renamed ‘Guardian’.
-New gametype ‘Wingman’ 10 players split into teams of two.each team is played as different character (eg marcus and marcus vs Dom and Dom etc)
-Features Matchmaking
-Exectucions now vary on the weapon you holding (eg sniper rifle will be used like a golf club)
-Curb stomp returns
-‘Y’ will cause your character to unleach several brutal punches to a downed enemy, killing him.
-‘A’ will cause you to pick up the enemy and use him as a shield. The player your using as a shield will go to the respawn line.
-New gametype ‘meatflag’ sort of like CTF but epic have done this in their own way. The flag will instead be character wandering around the centre of the map. He has his own weapons and even a place on the leaderboard.
To capture him you will need to down him and pick him up as a meatshield and take him back, slowly, to your base. If you shoot the meatflag enough times while he’s being dragged back to base, his captor will loose him and he’ll go crazy on everyone around him.
-Specific weapons will cycle round the maps.
-Stopping power – if your running towards an enemy but he is firing straight into your chest, you will slow down.
-The oppurtunity to spawn with either the lancer or hammerburst.
-Hammerburst gone through significant alterations. The faster you tap the the right trigger, the faster it fires. quicker shooting = more recoil however.
-New weapon Medusa. could be considered a power weapon. 6 shots per burst.
-Bullet shields. big metal shield that stops you from getting hit. can be planted into the ground to make a new cover. enemies can kick it down though if they get close enough.
-Grenades can be stuck anywhere. not just on enemies. they can be planted on the ground,walls,doors etc to produce a proximity mine.
-smoke grenades carry a stun effect that ragdolls anyone in range.
-new weapon poison gas grenade. produces a cloud of smoke that kills anything that lingers in it. they can be stuck onto enemies were the will slowly die. people stuck by the gas grenade can also injure team-mates if the get too close.
-On games with no respawn, when you are dead you can fly around the map as a “ghost cam”. You can even take screenshots that will be uploaded to the community.
-Gridlock returns. However its more overgrown now, plants and grass growing.
(everything is still the same though- cars are where they where etc)
-New map – ‘river’ – symetrical map, each team has a thin strip of land with a house and sniping tower, and inbetween them a river.
-New map – ‘Security’ – long thin map. to the left and right are stairs leading to veranda’s that run the entire length of the map. you are barred access however by red lasers, which will kill you if attempting to pass through. A power weapon is barred on the other side of the map while at the other it is defended by sentry guns. There is a button in the middle of the map that turns the lasers and sentry’s off for 20 seconds.
-New locust ‘hammerhead’ (helmet makes him look sorta like a hammerhead shark)
-New locust ‘Grenadier’ (this is the guy we saw in the video were marcus punches him to death)
-Two people can chainsaw one guy at the same time.
-New cog ‘Tai’ has aboriginal tattoo’s.
-New cog ‘Dizzy’ “looks like chuck Norris”
-Cole returns for multiplayer at least.

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  1. NinoTheDon on

    sono una pippa in inglese… dice qualcosa a riguardo delle partite classificate?? si riuscirà a giocare una classificata con il proprio team senza il bisogno di smattare cercando per decine di minuti la partita???:XD:

    quoto il 5vs5, se laggava in 4vs4 vedi te cosa sarebbe il 9vs9, improponibile.

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