Army of Two: Veteran Map Pack gratuito il 29 maggio

Console tribe news - Army of Two: Veteran Map Pack gratuito il 29 maggio

Per tutti coloro che si sono divertiti con Elliot Salem e Tyson Rios nel buon Army of Two è in arrivo una gradita sorpresa: Electronic Arts ha infatti annunciato che nella giornata di giovedi 29 maggio sarà reso disponibile nel PLAYSTATION® Store nel Xbox LIVE® Marketplace il dowload gratuito del VETERAN MAP PACK. Si tratta di due mappe per la modalità coop e di una per la modalità multiplayer. Di seguito trovate il comunicato stampa e un video relativo ai nuovi contenuti.

Press Release

Free Downloadable Content Features Two New Campaign Maps and Enhanced Versus Map

This year?s breakout 3rd person co-op shooter just got more intense! Players now have the chance to extend their ARMY OF TWO? experience with two brand new co-op campaign maps and an enhanced multiplayer map that offers more opportunities to show that a two-man team can be unstoppable. The free Veteran Map Pack, sponsored by Pontiac, will be available on May 29 in North America and Europe on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and PLAYSTATION® Store.

Players will experience an all-new map as they find themselves underground in a subway station in Kiev where they must find and destroy the central hub of a dangerous militia. The second map takes players back to SSC headquarters in Miami where they finally get the chance to take out Dalton, Rios and Salem?s ex-boss and the man responsible for framing them, in an intense boss fight where the glory of revenge is finally felt. The Veteran Map Pack features dynamic and interactive environments including destructible objects that were not available in the retail version. The action also continues online with two-on-two teams battling it out in the China Canal Lock map

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  1. Everburn on

    una delle prime volte che esce un aggiornamento free.

    ma quindi la domanda è… ci saranno altri aggiornamenti Free per questo gioco… o questo è un antipasto ?


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