Disponibile la patch 1.03 di The King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore ha rilasciato la patch 1.03 di The King of Fighters XIV. L’aggiornamento apporta migliorie al bilanciamento e aggiunge nuove feature al comparto online. Maggiori dettagli nel changelog in inglese che trovate in calce.

Major Update Content:

■ Battle system changes
・ Rebalancing of playable characters depending on their usage rate so far
・ Correction of the “Fuzzy Guard” issue (= refers to a standing attack hitting after moving from standing to crouching guard states)
・ Adjustments to certain Super Special Moves’ command input frame.

■ Online feature changes
・ Addition of an “Opponent strength” new option to RANKED MATCH’s search functionality
・ Addition of an “Area Settings” new option to RANKED & FREE MATCH’s entry / host players
・ Change to RANKED MATCH’s “Wait in Training Mode” option to allow players to return to this menu at the end of their online versus matches
・ Change in the display of high rate “rage quitters” to make them even more easily recognizable
・ Hardening of penalties to high rate “rage quitters” (standard players will be able to easily avoid “rage quitters”)

■ Other / Misc.
・ Training option settings can now be saved at the end of a training session
A few other misc. feature improvements and minor bug fixes

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